Zoning Ordinance Update: New Format Live

As of July 1, the Zoning Ordinance has a new format that makes it easier to use, understand and administer. No substantive changes were made. The old format is still available here as an archive.

The Arlington County Board adopted the new format on May 18.

Major changes to the Zoning Ordinance organization and format include:

  • At-a-glance view of all uses allowed in each zoning district
  • “Pyramid” structure eliminated. Users can see all uses allowed in each zoning district, and can compare to other districts within the same category
  • Tables to summarize key regulations
  • Lot size, height and density regulations are presented in tables to allow easy access to basic regulations. These requirements are provided in the same place in each zoning district.
  • Graphics illustrate key concepts and to help support, clarify the text description
  • Topics are organized by category and presented in a standardized way
  • Web-friendly document featuring cross-link references
  • Hyperlinks offer users an interactive experience and additional resources by providing references to related regulations

To aid you in the transition to the new format, following documents have been prepared cross-referencing the old and new formats:



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