After a Storm

Homeowner’s Guide to Home Repairs

If you believe that your property sustained major damage as a result of a major storm event or natural disaster, and you may require a permit for the repairs, you can request an inspection by calling 703-228-3800.

Depending on the extent of the damage to a home, the County’s Inspection Services Division may require a property owner to obtain the services of a structural engineer to determine whether or not the home is livable, or it has been seriously compromised.

  • If you smell gas, leave the building or areas and call 911 immediately.
  • If you have concerns regarding the safety of your building, please contact your insurance company, a structural engineer or a licensed contractor.  For commercial buildings or apartment complexes contact your management company or building engineer.

Structural damage may be hidden in a building component (e.g., a roof, wall or floor).

County inspectors are trained to assess the dynamics of structural damage to determine whether an engineering evaluation is needed.

Review the Homeowner’s Guide to Home Repairs Brochure for a detailed summary on next steps.


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