Typical Code Enforcement Violations

Code Enforcement Inspectors must witness conditions to determine if substandard conditions create violation of a code. Learn more about the Code Enforcement process here.

Code Enforcement Addresses the Following:

  • Structures that are vacant and open to trespass
  • Broken window glass and inoperable windows
  • Missing gutters and downspouts
  • Missing building identification numbers
  • Peeling paint at exterior or interior
  • Missing or loose handrails and guardrails at decks and stairs
  • Dilapidated garages and sheds
  • Abandoned or unprotected swimming pools
  • Broken door and window hardware
  • Holes in walls or ceilings
  • Unstable floor conditions or missing finished floor covering
  • Leaking roofs and flooding basements
  • Inoperable or missing smoke detectors
  • Closed or inoperable restrooms at commercial establishments
  • Inoperable or inadequate heat or hot water
  • Inadequate or inoperable water supply
  • Obstructed toilets, tubs and sinks
  • Leaking faucets and constantly running toilets
  • Overcrowded apartments and homes
  • Illegally created bedrooms and apartments
  • Cracks and openings in exterior walls or foundation
  • Raw sewage and plumbing leaks
  • Inadequate lights at public corridors and stairways
  • Inadequate or inoperative electrical outlets and switches
  • Exposed electrical wires, extensive extension cords
  • Grass or weeds in excess of twelve inches height
  • Impassible streets or sidewalks due to shrub encroachment
  • Tires, garbage, vehicle parts or other exterior stored waste
  • Construction noise

Code Enforcement Does Not Address:

  • Parking issues at lawns or on public streets
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Fences less than six feet in height
  • Retaining walls less than two feet in height
  • Tenant/landlord relations
  • Playground equipment
  • Animal nuisances including leash requirements
  • Pet waste pick-up
  • Recycling
  • Housing voucher inspections and administration
  • Water or air quality issues
  • Mold inspection and testing
  • Broken parking meters
  • Permit parking issues
  • Overcrowding based on the number of unrelated persons
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Unwanted circulars and their schedule of delivery
  • Food safety concerns
  • Live entertainment and dance hall permits
  • Zoning use permits, variances or other special exemptions
  • Fire prevention issues
  • Any public or life safety issues subject to address by the police

Referrals For Assistance Outside of Code Enforcement


Animal Wardens (Complaints) 703.931.9241
Business Licenses 703.228.3060
Citizen and Consumer Affairs 703.228.3260
Dominion Power – Emergency 888.667.3000
Environmental Health (Complaints) 703.228.7400
Fire/EMS Emergency 911
Inspection Services Division (Construction) 703.228.3800
Permit Parking 703.228.7777
Police Non-Emergency 703.558.2222
Police Emergency 911
Refuse Collection 703.228.6570
Tenant-Landlord Commission 703.228.3765
Traffic Signals 703.228.3575
Tree Maintenance and Landscaping 703.228.6527
Washington Gas Light Company 703.750.9500
Water-Sewer Problems 703.228.6555
Zoning Information 703.228.3883

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