Site Plan Applications

New Site Plans and Major Site Plan Amendments

All new site plans and major site plan amendments are reviewed under the guidelines of Administrative Regulation 4.1. The regulation outlines the process and rules for site plans and includes the required forms and regulations, as well as a submittal checklist for new site plans and major site plan amendments. It also covers the application process for Phased Development Site Plans (PDSP) and Crystal City Block Plans. The “site plan application” on this page is to be submitted together with the documents and checklists required in the Administrative Regulation 4.1.

Minor Site Plan Amendments

A minor site plan amendment is any modification of an approved site plan that is not considered a major amendment and that cannot be approved administratively. Applications for minor site plan amendments can be made with the Zoning Office on the 10th floor at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard in accordance with a public hearing filing schedule.

A minor site plan amendment requires a hearing before the County Board, but not necessarily review by the Planning Commission or the Site Plan Review Committee. The review process differs from that of a new site plan or major site plan amendment.

Applicants are encouraged to present and review site plan amendment applications with affected civic associations and neighbors prior to submission. Once an application has been filed and accepted by Zoning, assigned staff in the department of Community Planning, Housing and Development (CPHD) will complete a review of the application and prepare a report with a recommendation on behalf of the County Manager to the County Board.

Recommendations are to:

  • approve
  • defer
  • deny the requested amendment

Amendments are typically to modify condition language or requirements, permit outdoor café seating, and live entertainment and dancing, among other things.  Application requests are heard by the County Board at the public hearing scheduled no earlier than 60 days from the date of acceptance by Zoning.

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