Major Site Plan Amendment Checklist

When applying for Rezoning or a Major Site Plan please include the applicable submission requirements. If you are submitting a preliminary filing, only the items with an asterisk are required (3 copies of each). Download  a printable version of the Major Site Plan Amendment Checklist.

All Submissions

  • *Application, Completed and Signed (20 Copies)
  • Disclosure Statement (20 Copies)
  • Completed Administrative Reg 4.1 (20 Copies)

Site Plans

  • Owner’s Authorization/Consent (20 Copies)
  • Site Plans
  • Statement of Support (20 Copies)
  • Transportation Demand Management Plan (Tdm)
  • Affordable Dwelling Units (Adus) Plan
  • Conceptual Storm Water Management and Compliance Plan
  • Details of Approvals of Other Jurisdiction and the Status of the Approvals (If the proposed project includes a property in a jurisdiction other than Arlington)
  • *Vacation/Encroachment Application and Plat (20 Copies)
  • *Site Plan Specification Form (Formerly Tabular Form) (20 Copies)
  • *Site Plan Submittal Checklist (20 Copies)
  • *Copy of Notification to the Planning Director (20 Copies)
  • *Architectural Plans (24”X36”) (20 Copies)
  • *Engineering Plans (24”X36”) (20 Copies)
  • *Letter From Department of Parks, Recreation And Cultural Resources Regarding Public Art
  • *Letter Outlining the Proposed Community Benefits
  • All Plans: 3 Digital Copies in Jpeg, Pdf And Dxf Formats on Compact Disc, One (1) Photographically Reduced Set of Plans (Either Mylar, Photostatic Or Xerographic)
  • Mark-Up Copy of Preliminary Site Plans (1 Copy)
  • Reduced Copies Of Plans (8.5″X11″) (3 Copies)
  • (11”X17”) (3 Copies)
  • *Green Building Leed Scorecard (20 Copies)
  • Conceptual Landscape Plan (as required) (20 Copies)
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) (as required) (20 Copies)
  • Roof Plan (as required) (20 Copies)
  • Urban Design Manual Update for Pdsp Final Site Plan (as required) (20 Copies)
  • Fee


  • *Application, completed and signed (20 Copies)
  • Disclosure Statement (20 Copies)
  • Rezoning
  • Statement of Support (20 Copies)
  • *20 Copies of Plat
  • Metes and Bounds Description (20 Copies)
  • Fee
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