ePlan Review — Submission Requirements

Applications for all building and land disturbance permits may be submitted electronically through the ePlan Review portal. These include commercial new construction, additions and renovations, residential new construction, additions and renovations, and land disturbance.

Electronic submission requirements:

Customers have the option to submit their applications in paper, see paper submission requirements.

If you need assistance with your applications, contact our Help Desk at 703-228-3800 or buildingpermits@arlingtonva.us.

Download: ePlan Review Submission Requirements

Follow these plan submission guidelines to ensure a successful application:

  • Searchable PDF files – All documents submitted for review must be saved as searchable PDF files.
  • 3” by 3” blank space – A 3” by 3” blank space is required at the top right corner of each submitted document. This space is for Arlington County’s approval stamp, which is applied at permit issuance.
  • No Size Limitations – There are no size limitations to documents submitted online.
  • Scalable Vector Drawings – While scanned images are accepted, every effort should be made to submit scalable vector drawings.
  • Standard File Naming Convention – When preparing plans for building and land disturbance permits, follow the Standard File Naming Conventions. This will help facilitate uploading your files for submission and will also ensure the plans are placed in the correct order for the final compiled plan set at permit issuance.
  • Uploaded as Individual Files – Files must be uploaded as individual files through the ePlan Review portal. The construction set should NOT be submitted as one file.
  • File Names Must Remain The Same – The file names must remain the same throughout the submittal and re-submittal process. Revisions to file names will require the County to reject your plan resubmission.
  • Files Should Not Be Deleted – Files should not be deleted between revisions unless the submitted file is being completely removed from the permit set.
  • Comment Response Letter – A comment response letter must be submitted with each permit revision. This letter should address all outstanding County comments and address any additional revisions to the plan set. This must be uploaded as a PDF file with the revised sheets.
  • Download Silverlight – Applicants using Firefox browser will need to download Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.
  • Filing Fee Amount – After a permit application is submitted, applicants will receive notification from the County verifying acceptance of the application and, if required, notifying the applicant of the filing fee amount.
  • Pay Permit Fees With a Check, Debit Card or Credit Card – Permit applications requiring a filing fee will not be routed for review until this fee is received. The County does not yet accept online payments for permit fees.Customers can pay permit fees with a check, debit card or credit card (American Express is not accepted) in person at the service counters on the 8th and 10th floors of Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd.
  • Pay fees for residential and commercial building permits at the Inspection Services Division Permitting Office service counter on the 10th Floor. Phone: 703-228-3800.
  • Pay fees for land disturbing activity permits at the Development Services Permitting and Inspections service counter on the 8th floor. Phone: 703-228-3629. All credit card transactions include a 2.5% fee, charged by the card processor. There is no fee for PIN-based debit card transaction.
  • Permit is Approved and Issued – When a permit is approved and issued, an approved construction document set will be created by county staff. This set will be available for the applicant’s use on the ePlan Review portal.
  • Print The Approved Construction Document Set – The applicant is responsible for printing the approved construction document set and having it available on-site prior to the first scheduled inspection.

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